With a career in show business spanning over 25 years, Raphaël Brien is a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur that offers a quality service to his customers. He is a great communicator that has the undeniable ability to draw reliable partners and suppliers together with a common goal: the accomplishment of your projects. His vision is to offer you all the support that is needed to overcome the technical and communicational challenges related to the completion of your production projects.  

With your goals in mind, Raphaël Brien and his team will guide you throughout the process of production all the while remaining faithful to your original concept, despite monetary and time constraints.


Raphaël Brien

Clément Martin

Director of operations | (514) 623-3413

Domenico Baron

Director of business development | (514) 799-6321

Sevag Karagueuzian

Director of human ressources | (438) 345-5612

Thomas Karam

Gardian of the numbers

David Girard-Gonthier

Workshop manager
(450) 474-6669

Tiago Chasqueira

Chief rigger

Tim King

Chief fitter

Alan Asei-Dantoni

Chief fitter